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Getting Technical - Stabilising Water

Alison Colville-HydeAlison Colville-Hyde, Technical Services Manager

Water vaccination is one part of the cycle where broiler growers need good technique to maximise protection from Gumboro disease.  Protecting the vaccine is as important as administering the correct dose, in an appropriate time frame. Using a water stabiliser is part of the process and using it correctly is essential. Blue dye stabiliser has several functions in stock solutions and water systems:

  • Stabilises the pH of the water.
  • Neutralises the chlorine level
  • Negates any metal levels which may be in natural water supplies.
  • The blue dye is a marker.

vaccination 1The stabiliser must be used according to the whole volume of water the birds are going to drink over the vaccination period, not for what is in the stock solution alone. Having clean water lines before you vaccinate reduces biofilm which can inactivate vaccines. Before you vaccinate, treatments must free from the water system ideally for 48 hours. Checking water TVC at vaccination is a good idea to be sure your hygiene/sanitisers are working vaccination 3appropriately during this time frame. It is easy to focus on chick start and by 15 days old the lines are full of bacteria due to high early temperatures in the broiler house. We recommend checking your technique with a water vaccination audit/training session for your team which will highlight best practice to optimise your vaccination. For more information, please contact us on 01392 872932.

vaccination 4We have created a stabiliser calculator to assist with what you need according to bird age and water intake and are suppliers of CEVAMUNE ® tablets and Aviblue® granules. If you would like a copy or have any questions on stabiliser or vaccine audits please email The calculator will show stock solution volume, the amount of dye required (Aviblue/CEVAMUNE/Vac- Pac) and the cost.

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