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Featured Product: Dergall®

St David’s Poultry Team are excited to announce that we are now the UK distributor for Dergall, an exciting new treatment for the management of red mite infestations which has been six years in the making. Dergall is unique. It has a physical mode of action, therefore no concerns with resistance or toxicity from harmful chemicals. Many red mite treatments are insecticidal, killing red mite systematically as the product is absorbed into the mite’s body. When Dergall is sprayed on a surface, it creates a three dimensional immobilising polymeric structure (3D-IPNS) which is air permeable. It is effective on all internal equipment and surfaces including wood. Dergall mechanically immobilises red mites. The reduction of population is visible within 72 hours from the initial application.

  • Dergall can be sprayed onto the house and in the presence of the birds.
  • Dergall is safe for humans and the environment. 
  • Dergall does not cause resistance. 
  • Dergall provides physical protection against bacterial infections. 
  • Dergall immobilises infestations of poultry red mite and eggs. 

For best results, use as follows: 

  • Apply using a knapsack or compression sprayer, ideally at night when the lights are off. 
  • Mix solution fresh and use within 12 hours or preparation. 
  • Mix at a rate of 10ml per litre of water (1%). 
  • One application should suffice, a repeat application at half strength can be used 5-7 days later in extreme outbreaks of red mite populations. 

1 X 1 litre of Dergall makes 100 litres of solution ready to spray at 10ml/litre/1%. 

£130 per litre of concentrate. If 10 or more litres are purchased, the price is £117 per litre. 

Click here to view the Dergall information sheet. 

For more details, please contact our Field Services Manager, Alison Colville-Hyde on or call 07769 710855. To order, contact Dispensary on 01392 872930.