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What is Applied Bacterial Control (ABC)?

abc-logo-darkApplied Bacterial Control is a solutions based company working with farmers to support the microbiome and promote good gut health. The product ranges includes probiotics, essential oils, organic acids and water sanitation. We are a technically lead company looking to provide individual solutions for producers. Our role involves understanding the aims of the farms, assessing and evaluating the current situation, developing strategic protocols, and monitoring performance.

What’s New at ABC?

5f6d3dd8-683d-441d-b47e-ecb40789a5deABC Acid Wheat Treatment

Are you adding wheat on farm? Are you treating the wheat as per Red Tractor Standards? If not, look no further. ABC has developed a standalone dosing system for the acid treatment of wheat on farm.

Following the changes to Red Tractor standards stating that all feed must be heat treated or acid treated for Salmonella, ABC has worked with Kemin to supply a cost effective way to carry out this treatment on farm for all those that are adding wheat.

The pump simply fits into the top of the IBC of Salcurb and can be sprayed on to the wheat as it is blown into the bin. Although this would be the ideal set-up due to the flexible nature of the equipment it can be adjusted for a number of different requirements.

1The pump is very simple to use; all you need to do is set the rate at which the product needs to be added to the wheat (3kg/tonne), and the rate at which the wheat is being blown (information easily obtained).

If you are interested, please contact Sophie Edenborough at ABC to book a site survey on 07921 709787.


IMG_1248What is ABC pH?
ABC pH is a buffered blend of organic acids with copper and zinc. Acids included are Formic Acid, Propionic Acid, Lactic Acid and Acetic Acid.

Why buffered?
The buffering of the acid blend enables it to be administered via the water without taking the pH too low (more on why this is important later).

Why Organic Acids?
Organic acids help to enhance gut heath in a variety of ways. Firstly, they help maintain a low gut pH; this in turn makes the gut environment inhospitable to pathogens. They also help promote the gut microflora with the maintenance of an acidic environment and can act as a feed source for some of the good gut bacteria. The blend of different acids also ensures that these acids can act all the way down the gastro-intestinal tract due to their varying pKa values.

How can ABC pH help control Salmonella?
Research has indicated that Formic Acid plays a key role in aiding the control of Salmonella but this is dependent on the amount of Formic Acid that reaches the lower gastro-intestinal tract. ABC pH has been specifically designed with an additional buffering capacity to ensure the maximum amount of Formic Acid can be administered to the bird without lowering the pH of the water too far.

Farm specific dose rates
ABC will carry out a farm specific acid titration to calculate the exact dose rate of ABC pH for your water to ensure the optimum level of product is administered to promote good gut health and aid in the control of salmonella.

If you want to know more, please contact Sophie on 07921 709787.

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