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Time to stock up with Heat Stress Plus as summer heat wave is predicted

The long range forecast from the Met Office predicts it is going to be another hot summer and you need to be preparing for periods of heat stress.

Heat stress plus

Reducing stocking levels for the summer, increasing your ventilation rates and air speed rates throughout your summer crops and withdrawing feed from the hottest part of the day are all invaluable strategies to help birds cope in periods of hot weather.

Sudden hot spells of weather combined with high levels of humidity, can quickly cause issues for your birds and can directly affect all performance parameters. Hot weather can cause increased water loss, blood alkalosis and hormone imbalances with birds become lethargic. They stop eating but still drink, sit down and put their wings out away from their bodies and pant as they try and lose heat through their circulatory and respiratory systems. If temperatures rise to a critical limit of 4°C above the bird’s core body temperature of 41°C, birds will die.

As part of your heat stress contingency plans, you can use an oral preparation given via the drinker lines to help minimise the physiological damage. Poultry Pharm Heat Stress Plus is a complementary liquid supplement containing electrolytes, energy, antioxidants and specialist ingredients like betaine to reduce the effects of high ambient temperatures on performance in broilers and layers. Vitamin C supports the bird’s ability to thermo-regulate and electrolytes maintain the salt balance and prevent dehydration, while betaine helps to maintain hydration and gut health. As birds do not move much during periods of high temperatures, energy has been included to sustain them and antioxidants assist their immune function. This also supports gut integrity keeping digestion and nutrient absorption on track through predicted and unexpected periods of high temperature.

Product Usage:

Dilute 1ml in 1 litre (1 litre per 1000 litres) of clean drinking water prior to, during and immediately post internal temperature fluctuations above 25°C. At temperatures above 30°C, use at 1.5 ml in 1 litre, 1.5 litre per 1000 litres of clean drinking water. Administer strategically following a weather warning or during obvious increases in internal environmental temperatures above 25°C. This product can be used as part of standard management practice in preparation for heat stress. Acclimatisation of the birds is a key attribute to help manage summer stress. At chick placement, use for the first 2-3 days. Use for 3-5 days during periods of dehydration due to excessive water loss. Use for 2-3 days prior to temperature increase above 25°C.

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