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Pre-empting potential broiler issues

Richard Jackson BVMS (Hons) MRCVS, Clinical Director

Richard Jackson

Richard Jackson

Through the reduction in antimicrobials, best management practice is key to keep broilers on track.

Pre-empting potential issues alongside the use of supportive nutraceuticals is a great benefit but at the same time, this needs to be economically viable. The focus on the broiler gut continues, as this is the powerhouse to good FCR and weight at kill, and promotes a strong immune response giving resistance to field challenges from diseases such as Gumboro, Infectious Bronchitis and Marek’s. Using Intesti-flora in the first week has shown heavier results in 7 day weights; improved gut health which we have seen on early postmortems and a reduced wet litter incidence, which is often found around the 15 day mark.



Intesti-flora contains organic acids which encourage acid loving beneficial bacteria (contained in Aviguard too) to take hold whilst discouraging the alkaline loving harmful bacteria such as Clostridia and E. coli from colonising the gut. Intestiflora also contains copper, which is bactericidal and needed for metabolic processes. Use at a rate of 500ml to 1 litre per 1000 litres of water for 5 days. A 10 litre container will therefore treat up to 20,000 litres of water.

“After experiencing some issues in my previous crop of broilers, I called Richard Jackson. Richard suggested maximising the early proliferation of gut flora to substantiate growth and development. He said the bird will be more robust to cope with the challenges it meets. Richard recommended using Intesti-flora and within half a day the chicks were more active and so I was impressed with the response, the results spoke for themselves.”
David Trigg
Freedom Food, broiler grower, Somerset.

If you would like to try using Intesti-flora please contact your vet so we can advise or alternatively order through our dispensary on 01392 872930.


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