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Exzolt Mite Control Now Available

We are now stocking Exzolt, the new mite control treatment from MSD Animal Health. Delivered through the drinking water, Exzolt provides a comprehensive solution to controlling red mites in pullets, breeders and layers. 

exzolt 2

Exzolt is administered through the drinking water, in two separate treatments, seven days apart. This is a prescription product and the dose is calculated on the flocks’ bodyweight. The active ingredient, fluralaner, is absorbed by the gut and enters the bloodstream after a few hours; by 36 hours the concentration of fluralaner maximises potency in the bird’s blood. The red mite’s nervous system initially becomes affected after a blood meal from a treated bird. Death of the mite occurs soon afterwards with a total kill rate of 99% as shown from trials. Exzolt is recommended for use in certain circumstances, which are best discussed with your vet.

Key Benefits

  • Zero- day withdrawal period for eggs and short 14-day withdrawal for meat
  • Administered through the water for pullet, layer and breeder chickens
  • Dosage regime spans two mite life cycles – achieving more than 99% mite killing efficacy
  • Ready-to-use for simple dilution, with no sedimentation, clogging or wastage
  • Useful in situations with mite strains resistant to classic chemical treatments, multi-age sites or sites with a disease burden

Red Mite populations are site specific; St David’s offer a range of products to use in the challenge of controlling red mites on your unit. All our products are safe to use with no toxic effects. Each product works in a different way, so we can advise you on the best approach to suit your needs. If you would like more information on Exzolt or our other red mite treatments, please contact the practice on 01392 872932. 


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