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APHA French AI Assessment

APHA French AI Assessment provided by the NFU

  1. France has now reported 72 outbreaks of H5N1, H5N2 and H5N9 HPAI in poultry in the South West of the country;
  2. The majority of outbreaks have been identified in the fattened duck production system and occasional spill-over into other poultry;
  3. As a result, the French Authorities have put in place an extensive restriction zone to cover the highest density of fattening ducks in 15 Departments (please see attached);
  4. An eradication programme will now take place over the coming months within this zone and trade restrictions will remain in place for live poultry, hatching eggs and day old chicks;
  5. Further outbreaks may still be reported as a result of the surveillance also taking place;
  6. There are still some uncertainties around the transmission and evolution of the viruses;
  7. Please find attached the Updated Outbreak Assessment;
  8. The risk to the UK remains low but heightened – APHA will continue to monitor the situation;
  9. Please continue to maintain high standards of biosecurity, remain vigilant and report any suspect clinical signs promptly and, in addition, use the testing to exclude scheme for notifiable avian disease where appropriate for early safeguard.

For more information, download the following report here.

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