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The regulations for Salmonella testing are strongly in place and all testing should reflect this. The National Control Plan (NCP) for Salmonella has been implemented throughout the UK.

Salmonella can be carried by many species including rodents, wild birds, dogs, cats and humans. The carrier animal is not necessary clinically affected by this infection, and the bacteria often multiples and is passed in the faeces. This increases the level of infection in the environment.

The NCP will test the environment as well as the bird. This environmental sampling will not necessarily reflect in the risk of egg infection, and so is not directly correlated with the level of human infection from eggs.

However, as the regulations require environmental testing, it will occur, and could have profound effects on the laying farms.

For more information, visit the St David’s Poultry Salmonella site, This site also provides detailed information on sampling methods. 

Salmonella Retainer Scheme

  • Reduced hourly Vet rate for visits
  • Free phone advice
  • Free feed prescriptions
  • Salmonella sampling kits provided for entire flock (includes pre-environmental swabs)
  • Salmonella testing at Ashwood Laboratories.

Please contact the practice to find out more about our Salmonella Retainer Schemes.