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Bio Fly Control

The control of flies in poultry farms is very difficult with the requirement to store dung and ongoing resistance to some of the knockdown products available. Increased washing of deep pit sheds to control salmonella in the environment has made manure management more difficult and wet manure is an ideal environment for flies to multiply. Many farms have seen an increase in enteritis with loose droppings. This also leads to a higher moisture level in the manure and higher fly populations.

For many years the main method of control has been to kill the adult flies with the use of various chemicals and to apply a larvicidal product to the manure. This has been effective, but increased chemical resistance together with some evidence of resistance to the larvicidal products have led to large explosions in fly populations. At some times the pit is being treated 2-3 times per week. This is both expensive and time consuming.

There is some evidence that continual use of knockdowns is having an effect on bird health and production. Compliance with Health and Safety is also very important.

Visit the St David’s website, Bio Fly Control, to find out more information on methods of biological control, as well as integrating these techniques with existing knockdown chemicals.