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Water Samples

For full potable (drinking quality water) i.e. Borehole you are required to take a 500ml sample. If taking from a tap or stopcock, remember, if it has not been opened for some time there will be a build up of bacteria present that can affect your results. Therefore, clean around the tap or stopcock, heat if possible or wipe with alcohol wipe. Allow the water to run for 1-2 minutes. Fill a 500ml sample pot to within 1cm of top. Label container and send to laboratory immediately for testing, packaged correctly to avoid any leakages.

For In-farm or Shed Samples you will need to take a 30ml sample. Clean around the end drinker line or nipple with an alcohol wipe. Remove bung from end of line, pipe or nipple. Run water into a bucket for 1-2 minutes and discard. Fill up sample container and then send to the laboratory immediately.